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A Revolution in Tire Dealer Twenty Groups

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A Mastermind Group and Mentor Network, All in One

Point S Top Flight Members catapult their profitability, hire the best personnel, and build freedom in their lives!

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Why Top Flight

If you study successful business owners you will find out they have 2 things in common, Mentors and Mastermind Groups. Top Flight provides you with all of the resources you need to dramatically improve your auto repair and tire business. As a Top Flight member, you will work closely with our industry-leading coach Jim Murphy, who will help you set your goals, keep you focused, and provide you with invaluable sales, marketing, and management strategies. You'll also be enrolled in multiple Web Meetings, and you'll have quick access to some of the Top Shop owners in Point S. Several have achieved a Board position for Point S. Top Flight members are able to join us twice a year at our CORE Meetings (where you visit other leading shops joined by other top shop owners), and most importantly, throughout the year you'll be able to share business strategies and network with other successful shop owners.

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Top Flight delivers a level of coaching, consulting and extensive support that is unmatched by any traditional aftermarket twenty group. Some of the most successful shop owners have professionals that they can turn to for input, access to Key Performance Indicators, access to leading edge industry information and personal accountability. Top Flight processes help effective shop owners become even more successful by providing these key components through the industry's top expert, Jim Murphy, along with other driven shop owners in the nation. Let’s face it, good employees are scarce, competition is much more brutal, customers are far more educated, they have more choices than ever, and technology is advancing by the second. Successful shop owners of today realize that what they need in this new competitive era, are professionals and peers they can turn to for input that will keep them ahead of their competition.

“Why Take Years to Figure This Stuff Out On Your Own?”

Jim and Sherri

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